Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wheatgrass for Eczema

With high nutritive value, wheatgrass can be recommended for lots of  health problems. Today talking of Eczema, kind of a skin problem, the reasons behind this skin disease are many. It can be because of deficiency, some allergy, some chemical reaction, etc.
Wheatgrass not the sure shot solution though, helps reduce the dryness of Eczema and hence reduce the rashes.

Wheatsprouts that are 70% chlorophyll, and rich in minerals and vitamins, help detoxify the body and make body free of metals. Wheatgrass taken in juice form fulfills the moisture and vitamins required  for heathy skin and reduces dryness of eczema.
The Difference is noticeable within 3 weeks of daily intake of wheatgrass juice.

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