Sunday, February 20, 2011


Wheatgrass in Naturopathy is hailed as ‘The Panacea on Earth’ by many famous Naturopaths and Dietitians around the world.Wheatgrass is high in dietary fiber and thus helps maintain blood sugar level.
DIETARY FIBRE:Although fiber is not a source of energy, its role in disease prevention is outstanding.   There are two types of fiber: 
1) Soluble fiber helps regulate blood sugar levels by delaying the absorption of carbohydrates and is particularly beneficial for diabetics. By increasing the excretion of cholesterol, it helps reduce blood cholesterol level, thus benefiting heart patients. It also reduces the formation of gall bladder stones. 
 2) Insoluble fiber provides bulk to the food and facilitates its movement in the intestine. It thus helps prevent constipation and reduces the possibility of toxins formation due to reduction in intestinal transit time.   
The reduction in quantity of fibrous foods from the modern mans diet is the major cause of many ailments. Supplementing its intake through Wheatgrass has shown good improvement in resolving digestion system problems (Diabetes) in particular.

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